Mon. May 17th, 2021

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3 thoughts on “5 things you may have missed from US Election night”
  1. Yesterday Biden Obama and Soros Bloomberg lied to all of America that Biden was 15% ahead of Trump.

    Today they are lying about Biden’s victory.

    Now there are massive falsifications at the US post office that cannot overcome the mark. Biden lost that fact. Oregon stopped counting votes.

    We see how the Democrats want to formalize the victory of Biden, as was the case with Macron. Through an incident. Аnd the same falsifications. Today, Democrats are pressure and threatening election commissions.

    I urge the Trump Guard to take to the streets and defend their choice! We must march through all cities in the United States.
    I congratulate Donald Trump on his victory!

    Soros Bloomberg, stop or start a civil war. You are nobody and nobody needs you

  2. US Postal massively failed to deliver mailed ballots (predominantly blue votes) in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin. This is outrageous

  3. Greatest psyop voter fraud has occurred nationally in numerous states of which a a personal phone camera caught SOME in action location of Wisconsin!

    Finally the fraud that which has occurred in USA for decades is FINALLY being noticed IN MASS! So many OTHER nations worldwide with same problem! The greed and corruption of the elites… better run and hide in bunkers!

    Revolution is coming!

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