Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

Calls for justice reverberated outside the courthouse following the hearing for four former Minneapolis police officers where no major decisions were announced on future proceedings.

5 thoughts on “ABC News Live update: Officers charged with George Floyd’s death appear before judge”
  1. The 15th amendment clearly states” all citizens of the country, of all colors, Shall have equal protection of the law” so why is it that George is killed with cops trying to enforce the law, They should’ve just left him alone, Like cmon like give the man a trial, don’t kill him. (I swear if one more of these retarded Republicans say “ he overdosed on fentanyl”, Go back to when he was in the ambulance, they gave him the drug so try a different excuse, “oh, he did this he did that”, they did not know the man so there is no reason for him to be dead.

  2. Both parties, Floyd and the offending officer, have a checkered past. Even worked together. Floyd had a past and was on drugs; the officer is now being help on murder for this man, indicted for tax fraud and being questioned about his assets being registered in Florida. Why a man should die w so many other options. No body wins in this. The officer was “the one bad apple” that ruined the bushel. He needs to be put away for a while.

  3. The WHO, governments and the “news” media torment, deceive and make your mind sick, and your mind acidifies your body … free yourself and alkalize yourself, send them to s…

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