Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

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5 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Pres. Trump’s taxes bombshell; Surge in US COVID-19 cases; Wildfire evacuations”
  1. Why did Trump lie and do nothing to protect America ? Maybe he forgot, maybe he is so stupid he believes in magical thinking, maybe Putin was advising him, maybe he has been suffering a stroke since he came down the escalator, maybe he is the “End Times” personified.

  2. If I were Trump I would own there little tax hunt. I wouldn’t go on the offensive cause he did nothing wrong he was just following Obama and Biden tax codes and I would name every corporation that received the same tax benefits from Obama and Biden’s tax policies. I would tell them I was excellent business man but I’m a better politician than most career politicians. I’m voting Trump 2020 in person if I receive a mail in ballot without my permission I’m reporting as fraud no matter what. Cause I voted in person.

  3. To the new world order and people who are voting for it to win.

    Do I believe truth can set you free? Yes, I do. So what good am I doing in my old age dying alone and talking on the computer? A 13-year-old girl once told me if I was her father she knows I would care. I’m not sure how much she knows me but coming out of my homeless footsteps I do believe shedding light on evil is worth doing especially where hope is concerned. So what is it like to go with evil? Some people think ruling with evil (Satan) is the way to go. It may seem cool at first but it will never get better only worse, evil is out to destroy life even in the eye of “I am what I am” the beholder. After he owns you lock stock and barrel Satan does not care who you are and even though your feelings and meanings still belong to yourself the using of those feelings and meanings now belongs to Satan whose only purpose is to torment all of those meanings to your feelings killing the God to your soul that gave him death for all time to come. If you have enough money to own the world is this really the price you want to pay for it ruling with Satan? There is another possibility because of the evangelists religion making money out of Jesus Pride claiming they have the Holy Spirit to do miracles for them all God would have to do is step off this hypocrisy and hell would be full of holy Satan’s claiming to be the real one having a capitalistic church to pray in. Who would know the difference, God will not be there to tell them the difference and death would still be the same. Maybe God never really existed in first place, maybe it was all just religious hype that the human spirit hoped could help separate itself from the evil of other people living around them? Here is what a Texas preacher once said in choosing to buy his own airplane, “I don’t want to fly in a test tube full of demons” maybe he knows what’s good for all of us…

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