Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Kolesnikova claims to have been bundled into a minibus and taken to the Belarus-Ukraine border but tore up her passport to avoid being forced from the country.


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5 thoughts on “Abducted Kolesnikova ‘told she was leaving Belarus dead or alive’”
    1. Russia is a corrupt evil state with no decent economic or political plans. It can hardly feed its own population, there is nothing attractive for Eastern Europeans in it. Ukraine is a good example of what it means being an area of Russian interest.

    2. I do not agree. I am from Slovakia, which is considered for one of “Eastern European” country We turned from Russia many years ago. Already we were part of Hungary in the past and never been allied of Russia. Baltic states are extraordinarily strong orientated to west, Poland have been in the history Russian enemy and all these states are today members of the European Union after free decision of the citizens. Ukraine is spited today; however, it is not Russian allied, despite it is out of EU still. Also see Moldova (apart from separatist Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic), Georgia partly occupied by Russia, Slovenia, Croatia… clear western allies. But on the other hand Germany is building with Russia Nord Stream 2 despite of our concerns, bud after Alexej Navalny poisoning maybe Germany will change its bad decision on dealing business with Russian gas. I as “Eastern European” hope it.

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