Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Sex workers and adult entertainers are one of the most vulnerable groups to the continuing pandemic around the world with little entitlement to state support. Li Yishan, a hostess and single mother from Taiwan, has had to resort to selling puddings online after the government shut down all adult entertainment venues.
‘Marcos’, an escort in Argentina says that he’s had to breach lockdown rules to survive. ‘Lata’, a sex worker in India has had to postpone her plans to leave the red-light district due to the lockdown.

Filmed by: Yichi Chiu, Saptarshi Roy, Lucas Combina
Co-producer: Ana Fernandez Saiz
Director/Producer: Natalia Zuo
Executive producers: Claire Williams, Sola Tayo

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6 thoughts on “Adult entertainer and sex workers surviving the pandemic – BBC News”
    1. This isn’t really about them, it’s about the workers who are trying to find a way to support their family in quite possibly the oldest business on earth.

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