Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

African leaders say it is time for the continent to be given a greater role at the United Nations. When the UN was formed 75 years ago only four African countries were part of the organisation. Today all 54 African countries are among the 193 members states of which only Russia, the US, China, the United Kingdom and France are permanent members of the security council. That is the UN’s highest decision making body. In their addresses to this year’s general assembly – which was moved mostly online because of the coronavirus pandemic – the presidents of South Africa and Nigeria called for Africa to be given permanent seats on the security council.


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6 thoughts on “African leaders call for permanent UN Security Council seat | DW News”
  1. Wait a minute! Australia is a United content, and we were apart of both world wars, our soldiers have fought to defend the world, including Africa, and at best we get a partime role, we have enough uranium to blow the world up ten times, but we are nice people, and we don’t do that, developing a bomb, shouldn’t put you ahead of the country’s that choose not to! We have the knowledge and all of the infrastructure, to light the nights sky forever! We should be leading the security council!

    1. We are technically a chess piece between China and US unfortunately😂we are even struggling to sort Indonesia and Fiji out. All our natural resources end up in US, China or Japan

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