Sat. May 15th, 2021

Watch live coverage of the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

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Amy Coney Barrett Senate Confirmation Hearings | NBC News

5 thoughts on “Amy Coney Barrett Senate Confirmation Hearings | Day 3 | NBC News”
  1. NO ONE should be allowed to sit in ANY goverment seat/position who says we live in a democracy and doesnt realize America is NOT a democracy but rather a Constitutional Republic!! If one does not have a basic grasp on that fact IMO they are NOT qualified to be in a govwrnment position!!

  2. She is such a phenomenal person. She maintains a temperament and level of clear mindedness that our country will benefit from greatly. Young girls need more role models like her!

  3. Klobuchar was horribly rude and disrespectful. She is pretty bitter that she didn’t get the scj nomination. So basically, she wasn’t nominated for president, Vice President, nor Supreme Court justice. America, we dodged three bullets from one woman this year. 😅

    Edit: my point being that if she is this easily irritated imagine her with the nuclear codes.

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