Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

CNN’s Ana Cabrera examines how recorded audio of President Donald Trump speaking with journalist Bob Woodward reveals the President’s history of telling the truth behind closed doors, but lying when speaking publicly. #CNN #News

5 thoughts on “Ana Cabrera revisits Trump’s timeline of telling truth in private but lying to the public”
  1. What Dump told Woodward on tapes was the real DJT. He knew in the Feb that the covid was deadly & dangerous but he chose to lie about covid & pretended like covid would magically go away. It hasn’t cause the virus has killed more than 190K deaths & counting already. Vote Blue 2020

  2. Lying can’t be condoned. But neither can hypocrisy. With risks fully known, Gov. Cuomo sent COVID patients to infect the most vulnerable elderly in nursing homes, and Chris praised him on CNN. With risks known, mass protests were encouraged as though they conveyed immunity. Condemn wrong on all sides.

  3. From someone on the outside looking in, I see You have a President that loves his country and its people. Just look at what he has done in 3 years compared with 50 years of Biden and 8 of them as VP!!! America needs to wake up, some of you don’t know a good thing when it happens!!! Please vote President Trump back into power he is the only hope for your country and this World. Believe it.
    On the other side we have this !!!
    This is the Big 5 point Plan..
    The Democrats hope to persuade the American people to change party using, 1 violent riots, 2 murders, 3 media, 4 mail- in voting, and 5 the virus as weapons against the President and when it gets too bad the people will accept any change. Wake up America. Get out there and vote Trump as if your life depends on it. And it does.

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