Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Here are the top stories for Monday, February 22nd: Confirmation hearings open for Biden’s A.G. pick; Trump dealt a legal blow in tax case; Biden targets pandemic aid to small business; America marks 500,000 COVID deaths.

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2 thoughts on “AP Top Stories Feb. 22 P”
  1. LOL that is great.. Now the door is open the to see, All the Elites in the W,H. tax returns, And this man made “pandemic ” Numbers were Inflated by how the Labs were running the test..(a test not mad for this} But NOW the CDC told them to run the test right. at under a 30thc not over a 40thc. That is why the numbers are coming down.. But “I” believe they will go back up.. Because of all the non tested vaccine being given..2/22/21 I give it 6 months. tops.. maybe.. ☠☠☠

  2. When delivering news related to #45, please do not show stock footage of said person; I’ve seen enough of that person to give me recurring nightmares.

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