Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Banksy has funded a rescue boat to save refugees encountering danger in the Mediterranean Sea.

The boat, named the Louise Michel, was bought with proceeds from some of the Bristol street artist’s works.

It has already carried out a number of rescue missions, taking on board 89 people from a rubber boat on Tuesday, according to its Twitter account.

The vessel features a painting depicting a young girl holding on to a heart-shaped safety float.

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5 thoughts on “Banksy funds boat to rescue refugees at sea – BBC News”
  1. Thumbs up if you see through all their bullshit that’s designed to brainwash you and distract you from their blatant satanic peadophillia bloodfest rituals. Please comment if you don’t, I dare you…

  2. I remember this route in 2009 I took the boot from algeria to Spain 🇪🇸 30 hours on see I’m not ready to do it again because I discover that my country is better than Spain 100 time

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