Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus has accused the opposition of trying to stage a coup, amid widespread anger over a disputed election.

Speaking as opposition leaders formed a council to organise a transfer of power, he said: “We definitely consider this as an attempt to seize power.”

The opposition contests the official results of the 9 August poll, which gave Mr Lukashenko 80% of the vote.

The country has since seen 10 days of street protests and strikes.

The protesters allege massive vote-rigging and say the winner was opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – who officially secured only about 10% of votes.

There were no independent election observers.

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5 thoughts on “Belarus leader accuses opposition of staging coup – BBC News”
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  2. I feel really sorry for the people of Belarus, and this opposition leader especially, they will be killed and tortured before long, by Putin and his cronies.

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