Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Powered up and producing electricity. Belarus switches on its controversial nuclear power plant, but neighbouring countries aren’t happy. We’ll explain how the Baltic states are already cutting off the supply over health and safety fears about the plant.

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3 thoughts on “Belarus nuclear plant: Opposed by Lithuania and Latvia over safety concerns”
  1. Lol
    Hello Anatoli Dyatlov we all remember the moscow circus side show of course
    I’m sure Belarus is still heavily irradiated from Chernobyl
    I remember it even got to Sellafield
    Didn’t lukashenko lock up a scientist named Alexey yablokov and burn all his studies into childhood leukaemia.
    You can’t trust a government like that
    As they say
    Any nation with a nuclear industry, the facts are ‘contaminated’

  2. Opposed because Baltic bums got nothing, Lithuania had to scrap it’s NPP in order to join the EU and now they have to buy electricity. Touche.
    The biggest safety concern for Baltic limitrophe states should be their own foreign policy.

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