Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

After a three-hour video conference, EU Leaders agreed unanimously to take three actions over Belarus:

Firstly, to impose sanctions including asset freezes for an as yet undisclosed number of officials involved in alleged election-rigging, brutality and imprisonment of protesters. The exact sanctions are still being worked out
Secondly, leaders agreed to a joint form of words making clear that the EU stands with the people on the streets, and does not recognise the result. But it does not go as far as stating they do not recognise President Lukashenko’s authority, as some EU officials wanted
Thirdly, leaders offered help in trying to mediate dialogue between the government and the opposition, to find a way for the president to stand down and peacefully transfer power.
In addition, €53m (£48m; $63m) of financial support from the EU to Belarus is being re-assigned away from the state to non-governmental organisations, with some money assigned to help the victims of violence, as well setting up alternatives to government-backed media organisations.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said election had been neither free nor fair.

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