Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Watch live coverage as Joe Biden campaigns in St Paul, Minnesota at a drive-in campaign rally.

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Live: Biden Holds Campaign Rally In Minnesota | NBC News

5 thoughts on “Biden Holds Campaign Rally In Minnesota | NBC News”
  1. Social Security is GOING to be bankrupt in 2023 of Trump is re-elected? No it’s going to bankrupt if BIDEN ISN’T elected! Trump has already defund it. He stopped the payroll taxes that gave a few dollars a week extra in exchange for your future social security. Our Social Security that we’ve paid into our ENTIRE WORKING LIVES IS AS OF NOW GONE IN 2022. The reason 2022 is because he just took $2,000,000,000 you give $200 to each senior for RX that he said he’d lower their RX costs but won’t be done before election. He also took $1,000,000 to print a letter letting us know it HIM that screwed us, not the Democrats. He was trying to buy or votes.

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