Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

President-elect Joe Biden was asked at a news conference Thursday about President Trump’s continued refusal to concede the election or cooperate with the transition. “I don’t know his motive, but I just think it’s totally irresponsible,” Mr. Biden said. He also spoke about the need for swift action to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Watch his remarks.

6 thoughts on “Biden says Trump’s refusal to concede is “incredibly damaging” and “totally irresponsible””
  1. trump and his cult might be considered officially Americans, but that’s all they can claim. They better not try and call themselves patriots because they are nothing but traitorous domestic terrorists.

  2. Correction! BIDEN is NOT president Elect. NO Media sours is authorized to determine who won, especially sice the votes have NOT been certified. Not one. You’re allowing the Media to brainwash you with their propaganda! Here’s what;s happening now

  3. Lets see how many times we can call a fake President elect, Mr President Elect. What a joke this media has become. TOTAL FRAUD right in our faces. This is is historic and wil they will be exposed

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