Thu. May 13th, 2021

The UK has been weakened in trade deal talks with the EU after the election of Joe Biden, says MEP Manfred Weber.


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8 thoughts on “Biden win strengthens EU’s hand in post-Brexit trade deal talks, says German MEP Manfred Weber”
  1. Dont worry brits, EU is FAMOUS for its soft hand… it will be but a splash. The BIG harm came only from your OWN politicians. Lets be apprehensive on this , less conflictual and perhaps…in the end more CONSTRUCTIVE

    1. Does it actually make you feel good saying that? Watching a country that wanted to be independent suffer after a democratic vote. We dont wish harm on the EU… So why do you? Vile troll. You do know that you probably couldn’t leave the EU, even if you wanted to? You’re proud that you have no choice?

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