Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appealed to parents in England to send their children to school when classrooms reopen next week,. He says the risk to children is very small, and that it would be far more damaging for their development to stay away any longer. It comes as some headteachers spoke out, saying there’d been insufficient guidance or funding to help them prepare. Many pupils in Northern Ireland, returned to school today and in Wales they go back next week. In Scotland – where pupils have already been back for two weeks – the use of face coverings in secondary schools in corridors and communal areas is set to be introduced. Reeta Chakrabarti presents reports from Education Editor Branwen Jeffreys, Scotland correspondent Lorna Gordon and Science Editor David Shukman.

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5 thoughts on “Boris Johnson appeals to parents in England to send their children back to school – BBC News”
  1. To avoid isolation , I will leave in the shed , my kid in the house 🏠 🤪so I can continue working and support my family in this scamming scenario of scamming virus

  2. In Japan, many children commit suicide when school begins after a long vacation.


  3. Well done Dublin, about time you got loud👏👏👏. When’s your next rally?
    RALLY – Scotland

    Please, for the rest of you just sitting around hoping the government will give you your life back! This won’t happen.
    Get demonstrating before the UK/Ireland 2nd lockdown start at the end of August, middle of September 2020. It will go on for weeks on end and life will never return to how you previously knew it. Covid 19, is just the trojan horse to scare you all into complete submission. As I see, its working well. Most people are more worried about when or how long your pubs will be open for, meanwhile your children or grandchildren aren’t allowed to have the education which is their right. You tax-payers fund this, you know! Or your loved ones life-saving OP is still on hold and you just accept this!!!

    The next 2nd. lockdown – “great finale”, before you can say bye, bye to your basic human rights, was already planned in June 2020. Merkel has basically wrapped this all up with Gates in 2015 in Berlin while the world was sleeping. Although this has been planned since many years! Boris, Merkel, Macron, the whole bloody lot were bribed millions by the WHO/ Bill Gates to force the 1st. lockdown. Both Angela Merkel and Theresa May were trained by Rothschild as youngsters. You/we didn’t vote for them, this was pre planned and organised by Rothschild only. The facts are there to be found, just do your own research! The only one who refused the WHO bribe is Mr. Lukaschenko. Do your research. If Germany can wake up, so can you!

    I’m truly shocked that the majority are all still buying into this, running around like grateful zombies, while Nicola and Boris throw a narcissistic morsel of freedom in your direction now and again. This is how spirit is broken. Wake the fe*k up people and fight for your rights. This won’t happen parked on your couch watching fake-news, mind-fuckery TV-channels.  Laziness, fear of a killer-virus which never was. Accepting, almost begging for a vaccine which usually takes up to 9 years to be legally permitted to administer. The Covid 19 virus has a similar structure to HIV virus. Ask yourself why they still haven’t come up with a vaccine for HIV yet in over 30 years? Or even cancer? Do your research.

    More people die of the common flu per year. Just do your maths and compare the regular death rates per year in the UK, with the actual current rates. In Germany roughly 100.000 people die per year due to various causes. From March 2020 until August 2020. About 10.000 people died with or because of Covid. Most of the people were old, hospital beds are still empty, staff are being put in part time work, or fired because lack of work. Urgent operations are meanwhile being postponed and more people are dying because they are being denied treatment for other ailments.

    Through sheer ignorance, fear of rejection from friends, work colleagues and family or just simply turning a blind eye to what the Nazis were really up to years ago, tragically cost many a lifes as you know. To my great astonishment, because I would more expect this fighting-siprit from my fellow Scots. I’m relieved to say that the Germans are well and truly woke and refuse to be duped again and are not only protesting for their own freedom in Germany but for the whole god damn world. The next rally in Berlin – 3 /4 million people are expected this time on the 29.08.2020. Starts at 10:30 AM – Brandenburger Gate.

    There was over 1 million on the 01.08.2020 in Berlin last time. As a witness I can confirm this. Get off your couch before its too late. If you believe you’re already suffering because of the Plandemic, you’re not and haven’t, the worst is yet to come. Only you will be no longer be fearing a virus, but unpayable fines, losing your children, imprisonment, unemployment and dying of the mandatory kill-bill vaccine which will be solely exploding the bank accounts of the very people you’re are obeying right now! WAKE UP AND DO THE WORK!

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