Thu. May 13th, 2021

The Prime Minister has told the Mayor of Greater Manchester that he is prepared to intervene and impose the highest level of coronavirus restrictions on the region if they can’t reach an agreement.

The Mayor, Andy Burnham, is seeking a bigger package of financial support for businesses that would be forced to close as a result of the Tier 3 restrictions.

He has told Boris Johnson that local leaders are ready to meet the government at any time to seek agreement. Manchester has some of the highest levels of coronavirus transmission in the UK.

Meanwhile Lancashire has agreed to impose the highest restrictions, joining the Liverpool city region on Tier 3 — or Very High Alert.

It means no mixing between households indoors — or outdoors in certain settings including private gardens. Pubs and bars will close unless they serve a substantial meal. And people must avoid non-essential travel into or out of the area.

However there are some difference between Manchester and Liverpool, despite them both being placed at Tier 3. In Lancashire, unlike Liverpool, gyms and leisure centres won’t have to close but soft play centres and car boot sales will.

The Mayor of Liverpool says it’s “madness” to have different rules for Lancashire and he’s warned that it is “sowing confusion”.

Meanwhile people from areas of the UK with high levels of coronavirus – including Tier 2 in England – are now banned from entering Wales.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by deputy political editor Vicki Young, Judith Moritz in Lancashire and Wales correspondent Hywel Griffith.

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5 thoughts on “Boris Johnson threatens to impose highest level Covid restrictions on Manchester – BBC News”
  1. COVID ‘is’ REAL… so is the AGENDA.
    Honestly, space race was fake.
    CGI is real.
    Green screen is real.
    They don’t want you discovering the freedom that lies beyond what you keep getting told!

    Wake the fuck up! Seriously, Antarctica is the REAL border.

    I don’t know why we can’t accept that.

    Please investigate and educate… before they deny your freedom.

    Call me a nut.

    Yes, they did.

    Who would think of an epidemic this time last year when FE’s were starting to break this crap down and being put down for being tin hat conspiracy theorists…

    You are adhering to being trapped. Here.

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