Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

The United Kingdom is at a “critical moment” in the battle against Coronavirus, according to Boris Johnson. He has warned that he won’t hesitate to put further measures in place if necessary.

The government’s chief scientific adviser has warned that hospital admissions and intensive care cases are “heading the wrong way” as the number of reported new infections topped 7,000 for a second day running.

The government has renewed the exceptional powers it gained in March under the Coronavirus Act, but only after promising MPs they would be able to vote “wherever possible” on proposed new regulations.

The Speaker of the Commons warned the government against treating Parliament “with contempt”.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by political editor Laura Kuenssberg, health editor Hugh Pym and Alex Forsyth reports from Warwickshire.

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5 thoughts on “Boris Johnson warns of “critical moment” as deaths rise and pressure grows on NHS – BBC News”
  1. HORSESHIT , TOTAL LIES AND DECEPTION FOR DRACONIAN, LAWS , the virus is real but being used to further their new world order, WHY ARENT THE MPS WEARING MASKS OR SOCIAL DISTANCING.

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