Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

The UK government has been heavily criticised for planning to override part of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement that it reached with the EU.

It acknowledges that doing so would break international law.

At the heart of the latest Brexit escalation is the thorny issue of where customs checks should be between the UK and the EU.

The BBC’s Ros Atkins explains the issue, and it’s about much more then where the forms get filled in.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking down the Brexit border problem – BBC News”
  1. The problem is we voted to leave over four years ago and we have only now left on paper!
    We want to actually leave and govern ourselves which includes turning back the invasion boats.

    1. The government you elected is completely in charge on your immigration policies, it always has been. This is what the people voted for, respect the will of the people.

  2. Sorry Brexiteers. But the only way Brexit (the real one you keep saying you want) is achievable is by Breaking up the United Kingdom.
    Simple choices,lads. What will it be?

  3. I am with Boris 100% and the Tory MPS should back him full stop .It doesnt matter the Socialists/communist mobs think as long as the Tories stick together .

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