Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Officials in Louisville, Kentucky have agreed to pay $12m (£9.3m) to the family of Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was killed in her home by police.

Taylor was 26 when she was shot at least five times and killed on 13 March during a mistaken drugs raid.

Her name has featured prominently in anti-racism protests in recent months.

Lonita Baker, a lawyer for Taylor’s family, called the settlement just one “layer” in the effort to seek justice, and praised new police reforms.

“Justice for Breonna is multi-layered,” said Ms Baker at a press conference on Tuesday alongside Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

She called the agreement “tremendous, but only a portion” of what the family hopes for, including the arrest of the officers involved in her death.

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6 thoughts on “Breonna Taylor: Louisville to pay family $12m over police shooting – BBC News”
  1. Was watching BBC “news” today and as soon as the reporter began saying that the EU has been behaving in bad faith the BBC cut him off. Defund this biased garbage.

  2. At first I thought this was the only case where someone Black had a legitimate reason to claim excessive Police Violence but if they had not tried to shoot the Officers, She would be alive

     Yeah the Police messed up big & raided the wrong home so the family deserves compensation for that, but for her death the family should only receive $1.00

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