Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

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➡️ EU counter-terrorism: Home affairs ministers look to strengthen joint efforts to fight threats

➡️ 50 years of Assad: Anniversary of Syrian ruling family’s grab for power

➡️ Migrant tragedy: At least 74 people drown in shipwreck off Libyan coast

➡️ Health system strain: Castex: ‘an ICU admission every 3 minutes in France”

➡️ Russia restrictions: Hospitality curfew comes into effect in Moscow

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3 thoughts on “Brexit architect stepping down: Dominic Cummings to leave his role as Boris Johnson’s chief adviser”
  1. The possibility of Bojo getting a compromise deal through the British Parliament at this stage is slim. The possibility of Michel Barnier convincing the EU to alter his mandate to suit Britain is even slimmer. What chance has a deal, which does not satisfy EU coastal States on the future of their fishing industry?

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