Mon. May 17th, 2021

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4 thoughts on “Brexit: Controversial Internal Markets Bill debated in the House of Commons | LIVE”
  1. THE EUROPEAN DIS-UNION LED BY THE COUNTRY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NEED OF THE UNION IN THE FIRST PLACE HENCE THE PHRASE ” keep your friends close and your enemy ( Germany ) even closer ” THE ROMANS SHOULD HAVE GOT RID OF THE GERMAN WHEN THEY HAD THE CHANCE… What else can you do with barbarians… but cutting them down to measure. Angella should get rid of that love affair she has with communism, a woman of her age should know better than pandering to things that only young people have with their ” save the world ” from itself, only to realize that the ones that have to change are the ones wanting the change in the first place… ” That forced holiday in EAST GERMANY WHERE SHE LEARNED THE ILLUSION OF COMMUNISM must’ve really done a good job on her, AHH… that’s right… I forgot… silly me… CHANGE THE SYSTEM OF GOV THAT GAVE YOU THE DEMOCRATIC RIGHT AND THE CHANCE TO LEAD THAT SYSTEM OF GOV. ( Socrates, eat your heart out… you got done by a German woman with a Latin name-called ANGELLA. )

    1. Who’s going to pay compensation to companies if Merkel ditches Nordstream 2 ? Certainly doing her very best to create more friction with Putin and Russia. Stop playing games over Navalney case, release records asap.

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