Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

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➡️ US Democratic convention: Joe Biden accepts party’s presidential nomination
➡️ Russia ‘poisoning’: Doctors treating Kremlin critic say he’s too ill to leave country
➡️ Belarus crisis: Strikes continue as citizens push for greater freedoms
➡️ Universal income trial: Germans researchers pilot €1,200 monthly handout scheme
➡️ Champions league: Paris ST Germain and Bayern Munich face off in final

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3 thoughts on “Brexit negotiations: No breakthroughs emerge in latest round of EU-UK talks”
  1. It’s the UKs fault for actually wanting independence from EU regulations, also the cheek of wanting their resources for themselves and making it difficult for economic migrants to enter UK.

  2. The EU has every right to defend its position and do the best it can for itself. However, from the start it has also employed a tactic designed to cause delay and complicate the process. It picks an issue and says nothing else can be done/negotiated until that issue is resolved. This has spun out the the Brexit process for much longer than has been needed. Why have they done this? Still in the hope that in some way the UK can be persuaded to change its mind. These tactics just strengthen resolve, not weaken it.

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