Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney did not mince his words when questioned by Euronews’ Shona Murray on the latest Brexit furore.


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11 thoughts on “Brexit trade deal: British are ‘creating chaos deliberately’ says Irish foreign minister”
    1. @T G no, there are reports that the EU tried to ban products imported into NI from the UK and NI products from entering the rest of the UK. This ban would only be lifted if the UK agreed EU access to UK coastal waters.

    1. @blah blah blah blah blah blah No i think Patriots support the bigger picture,if you want to join the south then you are missing out on your history and loyalty.Your choice but if a civil war happens the British people will not stand idle and watch.
      We are the UK and that will not change.

    2. @Mark Illsley Do u think we are not British patriots here in Dublin ?we are proud to be British here in The Republic Of Ireland 🇬🇧 steak and spuds its ok to be British Dublin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. I am English and agree it is one nation and the division was at a time of history when it was the solution to save face by both sides it would be difficult now because it is still being used as a political pawn and a shame that is still being used in this way perhaps it would be easier just to allow it to be but how to do so would be difficult to accomplish until those in the north are no longer divided as for the queen and the union jack they are just symbols and your insult to them is not really worthy of comment and only give opportunity to destroy a valid discussion

    4. @blah blah blah blah blah blah well we could not care less because patriots are not like you.Civil war is the answer from the south,well go ahead and see what happens.
      All of your business would leave and you would be dirt poor.Which i guess would annoy a lot of the real IRA because they fought for your future.

    1. There is no EU threatening, there is question of a negotiated WA and a border in the Irish sea between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK in order to uphold the GFA.

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