Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

Brussels budget standoff: can Hungary withstand an economic crunch?


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4 thoughts on “Brussels budget standoff: can Hungary withstand an economic crunch?”
  1. “rule of law” looks like a mechanism to take over full suveranity of peoples without their consent; UE is turning into a dictatorial Empire; Orban might be a dictator, but the little dictators from UE head only want to rule over him not to help hungarians or other peoples; eastern european countries had the experience of being under Soviet rule and that is why many have better instincts than the brainwashed ideologists of the west

    1. The proof that EU is not a dictatorship is the fact that two backward shitty countries like Poland and Hungary were able to block a rescue plan for all the member states. Please leave the EU, you ignorant. Poland and Hungary are a burden, a liability, not an asset.

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