Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

A new CBS News battleground tracker poll shows Biden with an edge in North Carolina and a tight race in Georgia. CBS News elections and surveys director Anthony Salvanto joins Elaine Quijano to discuss how voting by mail could impact the upcoming presidential election, senate races in Georgia and North Carolina and more.

5 thoughts on “CBS News poll: Biden has edge in North Carolina, tight race in Georgia”
  1. This map actually points out the states that the democrats plan on flooding with fraudulent mail in ballots. They are calling them toss up States.

  2. If Donald Trump is re-elected on kind of the superb job he’s claimed he did on the Donald Trump virus America deserves whatever comes our way on kind of putting him back in the office knowing what a lunatic is

  3. Trump will have a seriously hard fall before the end of this year.. he’s committing crimes faster than they can be investigated and every criminal eventually screws up really bad!!

  4. Americans don’t trust mail in ballots. If democrats vote by mail this won’t be a valid election, and if Joe Biden tries to take power with fraudulent votes it won’t be a legitimate transfer of power.

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