Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

China has warned that the UK could face economic retaliation following the decision to exclude the Chinese firm Huawei from the UK’s 5G mobile network on security grounds.

Beijing says that mutual trust between China and Britain has been seriously undermined and that doubts have been raised about investing in British companies.

The UK came under strong pressure from the United States to take the decision and President Trump has taken credit for persuading “many countries” to exclude Huawei.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Washington by North America Editor Jon Sopel.

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5 thoughts on “China warns UK of “economic retaliation” over Huawei 5G ban – BBC News”
  1. We did not want a 5G network its causes health problems yet the government is acting like they are concerned about our health during this plandemic…..well its not even about a virus anymore ONLY control and order out of chaos, slowly having their NWO and new economy rammed down our throats whether we like it or not, bye bye money very soon and welcome to the age of the RFID CHIP and the mark of the beast.

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