Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Civil servants in England are being urged by the Government to return to work in their offices. In a letter seen by the BBC, the Government wants 80% of civil servants to be at their workplace at least once a week by the end of the month. Unions have described the government’s attitude as outdated. Our political correspondent Chris Mason reports.

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5 thoughts on “Civil servants urged to return to their offices – BBC News”
  1. They can talk’ have you seen the house of commons lately it’s empty and i bet half the government buildings are empty to because there all chilling at home staying safe

  2. Someones is not happy. I though he said “we will send the virus packing”
    I wonder what rhetoric he will use this time. Jilting and Jolting and acting the Clown in his speeches like Boris Yeltsin used to.
    Its rather hilarious watching him make a fool of himself

  3. I’m a porter in large DEFRA buildings and they sit in front of a computer all day. They can do this at home and the offices aren’t fit for social distancing, toilets, lifts, stairs and kitchen/tea rooms are all situated at same corner. Single corridor prevents one-way access and the safety regulations mean that one seat in a block of eight can be used with the other seven taken out of use. The government needs to not renew the lease and allow for a lot of the older city centre buildings be converted into flats. People living in the city centre will support a local economy and the conversion process would help the economy as well.

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