Coronavirus: Beijing’s back and forth lockdown – BBC News

An increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 has led to fresh restrictions in some parts of the UK. But how do other countries cope?

Much of China has returned to a more normal pace of life after authorities began relaxing coronavirus lockdowns in late spring.

But as many cities have found out, loosened containment measures can be short-lived. In June, Beijing experienced a sudden surge of cases linked to a wholesale market, leading authorities to immediately quarantine close contacts, lockdown nearby areas, and mass test residents.

The upside is that with surprise outbreaks like this cropping up across the country, officials have fine-tuned their emergency response.

But the downside is that until there’s a vaccine widely administered, there will be a continued risk of repeat lockdowns.

The BBC’s China Correspondent Stephen McDonell explores the new ‘normal’ in Beijing, which has gone in and out of lockdown.

Video produced by Edward Lawrence

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