Coronavirus treatment breakthrough “will save thousands of lives”- BBC News

The first medicine that’s been proven to reduce deaths among people infected with coronavirus is expected to save thousands of lives.

Dexamethasone is a cheap steroid drug that has been in use for 60 years. A team at Oxford University has demonstrated that is significantly reduces deaths among people with Covid-19 who are on oxygen or on a ventilator.

The researchers looked at around 6,000 patients across the UK who were seriously ill on a ventilator or requiring oxygen. The drug cuts the risk of death by a third for patients on ventilators and by a fifth for those requiring oxygen.

The government’s chief scientific adviser says it’s a ground-breaking development and the drug is to be given to all Covid-19 patients who could benefit from it immediately.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh.

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  1. This is not new at all. It is not even a recent breakthrough. There is a doctor in the Philippines Dr. Fabunan who has been using a similar approach and had studied it for years.

  2. The doctor in the Philippines has long been studying and using anti-inflammatory treatments to help patients deal with the lung inflammation effects of viruses similar to COVID. Perhaps it is the politics in the Philippines that tries to downplay his studies but there has long been someone who has come to this conclusion about steroids and alleviating inflammation in the lungs for COVID. Too bad nobody would want to listen because he is from the Philippines a developing country and not from a developed country. Nothing new really here if people just cared to listen. People just want the announcements of cures and therapeutics to come from some Western country.

    This is an analysis/opinion from another Filipino doctor on the conclusions or approach taken by Dr. Fabunan which revolves around steriods and its use to alleviate inflammation in the lungs. If anybody can translate:
    So nothing new about this approach.

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