Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

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3 thoughts on “Coronavirus: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson expected to announce tougher measures | LIVE”
  1. Cases are NOT deaths! We have a global population of 7.8 Billion people.

    To date: 1.187.014 Million global alleged Covid 19 deaths. – (31.10.20)

    People, where is your ability to think logical? Where is your common sense?

    We are NOT currently dealing with a Pandemic! All mind-fuckery restrictions do NOT justify lockdowns, forced unemployment, poverty, suicides, millions of postponed life saving OP’s, because of scaremongering propaganda, etc.

    So now you’ve ridiculously accepted the bread crumbs. This is your next step of government enforced RULES you’ll have to comply with VERY soon!

    The Goals Of The New World Order (e.g. what your local government will expect from you!)

    📌A world government (Centralized control over all countries).

    📌A world currency (Centralized control of money).

    📌A world central bank (Centralized control of banks).

    📌A world military (That acts against the citizen).

    📌The end of the sovereign countries (No more individual, free and self-determined countries, that’s why the media stir up hatred of nationalists).

    📌The end of all private land (No more freedom of self-determination).

    📌The end of family unity (Control over parenting).

    📌Population reduction, population control over population growth (What we are currently experiencing with Corona).

    📌Forced vaccinations!

    📌Unconditional basic income (austerity measure / not to our advantage).

    📌A chipped company for shopping, travel, tracking and control. (ID2020).
    📌Implementation of a worldwide social credit system. (as in China).

    📌Tons of devices connected to the 5G (Internet of Things) surveillance system.

    📌A Government educates the children.
    📌State regulated schools, colleges, universities. (Who teach what the state dictates).

    📌The end of private transportation, ownership of cars, etc. (total surveillance and control).
    📌All government / large company owned companies.

    📌The restriction of non-essential air traffic.

    📌A People concentrated on human settlement areas, cities.

    📌Privatized water.

    📌The end of private farms and grazing cattle.

    📌The END of single family homes.

    📌Restricted land use that serves human needs.

    📌The ban on natural non-synthetic drugs and naturopathic medicine.

    📌 The end of fossil fuels.

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