Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Human challenge trials are regarded by some as a faster way to develop vaccines – but they come with big risks.

Could they be used to speed up the development of a vaccine for Covid-19?

BBC Health Correspondent Laura Foster explains how they work.

Video by Terry Saunders, Megan Fisher and Laura Foster.

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5 thoughts on “Coronavirus vaccine: What are human challenge trials? – BBC News”
  1. Defund and Privatise the Corrupt BBC!!!
    Defund and Privatise is the way forward the Draconian extortion of monies from folk who are not interested in the BBC biased and arrogant opinions via its shoddy left, liberal, socialist views after all it’s now a time for “Choice” and that is why the Corrupt BBC should be Privatised and turned into a Subscription Service and the “Choice” will then be the public on whether to pay or not !!!
    And with the discontent currently towards the BBC I’m positive this will happen in the not too distant future.

  2. No thanks, never, this is a poison, why vaccinate against something that you only appear to have a 1 in 5 chance of catching to start with (Diamond Princess data of infected people) and then a greater that 99.9% chance of surviving, the damage caused by adverse reactions from a hastily rushed vaccine that no one is responsible for if something goes wrong you are on your own due to pandemic laws protecting drug companies, who see fines as a cost of business even for the drugs they can be sued for you think anyone with half a brain would ever take this, without been forced to or lied to or both, which is probably what will happen, as the BBC are just now the Ministry of Truth made real and politicians appear to be following someone else’s agenda, not the people who live in the country they are supposed to represent.

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