Could “challenge trials” speed coronavirus vaccine development? – BBC News

Scientists have warned it could be many months, before we know if any of the coronavirus vaccines currently undergoing trials are effective. One way to speed up the process, would be if so-called ‘challenge trials’ are allowed, where volunteers are given the vaccine and then deliberately infected with coronavirus, to see if they’re protected. But some experts aren’t convinced such trials are safe or necessary. Our Medical Editor Fergus Walsh reports.

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  1. This is utterly ridiculous….this man is young and super fit…..what harm could it cause to elderly and compromised ….lunacy

  2. Here we go again….vaccine vaccine vaccine…..what about Hydroxychloroquine and zinc etc???
    What about boosting people’s immune systems with good food and cleaning the polluted air up….all the billions been spent on this ridiculous vaccine

  3. It’s hard; to have a thrust with so many mixed massagers…
    Anxious,ansetteled and ancertain; what clues to follow.
    Perhaps beyond repair.😟

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