Covid-19: Is Sweden getting it right? – BBC News

As Covid-19 continues to exert pressure all over Europe, the BBC’s Ros Atkins looks at one country that has been an outlier from the start of the pandemic: Sweden.

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  1. No, it has not been successful what Sweden has done. Compare their death count to their neighbors Finland & Norway. It has been an absolute disaster n failure. It is apples n oranges. They have one of the highest death rates per capita in the world. n if you ask American media, they are shooting for herd immunity but when you ask a Swede, they will you that they are not, but rather avoiding the waves & continuous lockdowns…….just so it all kinda happens slowly over time, with one big wave that is spread-out.

    For the ones that want herd immunity here in the US, you’d need 60-70% of the population to get infected, which is about 200 million. You’d have daily horror stories coming out of the hospital. You’d have something like 1 bed for every 25 people, n 1 ventilator for every 50 people…….you’d have to give the bed n ventilator to the person who has the best chance for survival (regarding age & underlying illnesses). Hospitals, doctors, n nurses would become overwhelmed n overrun. To make the math easy, let’s say corona has a mortality rate of 2%, so that means this could kill something like 3-4 million Americans.

  2. I follow the News closely, and it’s so frustrating for the people who live in the UK.
    Sweden on the other hand is business as usual without any clown endangering their lives like the one in 10 Downing Street.

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