Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on the public to “summon the discipline and the resolve” to follow the new coronavirus rules announced on Tuesday.

In a television broadcast to the country he warned the government may go further if people do not stick to them.

New measures have been brought in across the UK, with Mr Johnson warning rules could last for up to six months.

In England, rules on face coverings were expanded and the number of people allowed at weddings has been halved.

Pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues will have to close by 22:00 BST, while the fines for breaking the rules will also increase to £200 on the first offence.

Hospitality venues will also have to close early in Scotland and Wales – but Scotland has gone further, banning people from visiting other people’s homes.

It comes as the number of UK cases rose by 4,926 on Tuesday, government figures showed, with deaths increasing by 37.

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5 thoughts on “Covid: Boris Johnson calls for ‘resolve’ to fight coronavirus over winter – BBC News”
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