Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

Danish submarine builder Peter Madsen, who murdered the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, has been caught after trying to escape from jail.

Pictures from the scene showed armed police surrounding him near the prison west of Copenhagen.

Police said Madsen had got out after threatening a prison employee and was arrested nearby a few minutes later.

He was jailed for life for the 2017 murder of Kim Wall, who had boarded his homemade submarine for an interview.

Her mutilated body was discovered on a beach by a passer-by 11 days later.

News of Madsen’s escape was confirmed when a video emerged showing the convicted killer propped up against a hedge with a belt around his waist, on a residential street close to the jail in Albertslund.

Madsen clearly had an object around his waist and armed police waited at a distance for bomb disposal specialists to arrive before he was taken into custody.

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  1. Mean while the man next inline to be president is found to have been criminally involved in about 6 separate crimes and the BBC does not care, in fact they prob don,t know since they get there news from CNN

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