Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

At least one person has died and several others have been wounded in a stabbing attack in Nice, French media report.

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said that one person had been arrested.

He said everything pointed to a “terrorist attack at the heart of the Notre-Dame basilica”.

The interior minister appealed to people to avoid the area in the centre of the French Riviera city.

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5 thoughts on “Deadly stabbing attack in Nice – BBC News”
  1. Those are not muslims. God says in the Quran:Killing An Innocent Soul “It Is As If He Had Killed All Mankind And Whoever Saves One – It Is As If He Had Saved All Mankind”. (Quran 5:32)
    You can’t blame an entire nation for the acts of delusional,sick and extremist people who call themselves Muslims but they do not have any relation with islam .I’m Muslim and I’m disgusted with this people!!!

  2. Islam is contrary to democracy and the west civilization. They cannot coexist. This will never stop. The “peaceful” religion won’t stop there.

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