Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

A few hundred people marched along a central Barcelona boulevard on Monday evening in the seventh night of protests against the jailing of a Spanish rapper.

The imprisonment of a Pablo Hasél for his music praising terrorist violence and insulting the Spanish monarchy has set off a powder keg of pent-up rage this week in Spain bringing thousands to the streets for different reasons.

The majority march under the banner of freedom of speech, but Hasél’s lyrics also tap into a debate about the role of Spain’s parliamentary monarchy after financial scandals involving the royal house.

There is also a minority of protesters who seem bent on violence and fighting with the police.

Monday’s protesters began listening to rap music under the city’s Arch of Triumph before marching past the headquarters of the National Police where they briefly stopped to throw bottles, rocks and other objects.

The group was quickly dispersed by riot police vans.

Some residents tried to protect street rubbish bins which have been set on fire over the past week, threatening many buildings with smoke and flames.

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5 thoughts on “Demonstrators clash with police in seventh night of protest”
  1. Wow AP I’m surprised 😯 you’ve grown up a bit actual description in your video 👍
    However next step multi-language captions

  2. Apparently, this is going on in Spain at Barcelona, which is in Cataluna, where the people are fiercely independent, and have a certain dis-taste for controls of Spain.

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