Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Images show people burning documents at China’s consulate in Houston, a common practice when a diplomatic post is quickly abandoned. U.S. officials are claiming that Houston was a hub for espionage and that China escalated theft of intellectual property from U.S. institutions. Margaret Brennan reports.

5 thoughts on “Documents burn after U.S. orders China to close consulate”
  1. What’s sad about China is that it actually has one of the coolest histories ever, but spends so much time posturing no one’s inclined to even develop an interest. The irony of course, is that it’s Trump’s wet dream to be just as authoritarian. As I understand things, Houston is the single most medical science rich city in the nation. I assume that means an awful lot of interceptable leading information comes and goes its way, so I guess it makes sense that the Chinese consulate there would form the vanguard where any hacking was concerned. It’s all perfectly sad though. In China, enormous emphasis is placed on the importance of honor, indeed much more so than it is here. They tell themselves, of course, that they really mean it but that they have no choice, given the state of the world around them. They’re probably correct. It’s a remarkably hostile, dog-eat-dog world, and America’s not even half as innocent in it all as she hopes to make herself sound. And with a megalomaniac like Trump now at the helm, shored up by scores of caucasocentric Republican leaders, Lord, in hindsight we’ll probably say China exercised enormous restraint.

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