Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Linas Linkevicius says his country will “do the utmost” to mediate talks in Belarus, and says opposition candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya is in a secure location.


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4 thoughts on “Doing nothing to help Belarus ‘is not an option,’ Lithuanian FM tells Euronews”
  1. Really? Really? Why? Because Pompeo told you to do so? No, EU is not with you. At least many of us. We don’t follow this CIA’s game anymore. Period. You see Lukashenko and you don’t see the jihadist state of turkey in EU borders… What a joke. Get lost.

    1. @lattenoisette For God’s sake we are not with Lukashenko. But the point that Pompeo and US is involved is making him a hero. Like Maduro. If there were no US then we would think to support a change against this little dictator.

    2. No Pompeo told to do so. We lived this by ourselves, we know what does it mean to deal with the dictatorship and with the Soviet legacy. We managed, we succeeded and we will take care of our neighbours whose rights are being constantly violated. The Western Europe has no idea of what’s the deal in the Eastern part. However, Lithuanians we do know what’s the deal in Belarus and we will help our neighbours to come over this dictatorship if they ask for this help.

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