Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Even in the stifling heat of mid-July in south Florida, and even in the face of a surge in new cases of the coronavirus, President Trump’s most loyal supporters will still get together and come out to cheer on his motorcade.

They echoed the president’s assessment of how he’s handling the pandemic before he’d even made it in Florida today.

“We’re fighting it and we’re going to do very well,” he said.

“He’s the saviour of our country,” said the roadside crowd in Miami.

But the facts and the figures show that it’s going to be a very long and difficult fight .

There were 92 more deaths from reported in the state today – after hitting a record daily high of 120 yesterday.

That takes the total number of deaths there to more than 4200, which is the ninth highest figure among US states – and rising faster than any state ahead of it.

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