Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Four million acres have gone up in flames across the US West Coast. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced so far. At least 35 people have died from the wildfires since early August.

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5 thoughts on “Drone footage shows Oregon town covered in flame retardant – BBC News”
  1. Its nothing to do with the crackdown on rioters in the inner cities in these Democrat run states , just because they were setting things on fire in the cities doesn’t mean they would do it outside the cities. Far-left activists would have nothing to gain from these fires – The people the cops have arrested have no affiliations with any groups , it might just be lots of accidents all of a sudden . The police reporting electricity pylons being cut down with chainsaws may be for another reason. CC could well be the cause or maybe not. This man doesn’t agree :

  2. the fires are being lit by Democrat terrorists
    their idea is to blame President Trump and the “climate crisis” hoax
    Democrats are disgusting lying terrorist trash

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