Mon. Jun 21st, 2021

The Dutch government has backed plans to make euthanasia legal for children under 12 years-old.
It’s currently legal in the Netherlands for teenagers and newborns with their parents’ consent.
The controversial issue has sparked months of fierce debate within the four-party ruling coalition.
To discuss it further we’re joined now by Eduard Verhagen who was one of the doctors behind the first child euthanasia law.

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3 thoughts on “Dutch government backs plan to legalise euthanaia for minors under 12-years-old”
  1. I want to see some of you idiots live with debilitating pain with no joy or hope in the world, you want them to just suffer until they can legally die? dipshits.

  2. WTF good thing we are leaving the EU, they have no moral Christian values anymore. They will add mental health to this and not focus on severe physical/biological life threatening illness…

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