Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

England’s new national lockdown could last longer that its scheduled end date of 2nd December, the government has admitted.

The cabinet minister Michael Gove said ministers will be “guided by the facts” and the government wanted to get the coronavirus reproduction rate below the critical level of 1.

The new lockdown was prompted by sharp rises in infection rates — and that would have to be reversed in order for restrictions to be eased.

Tina Daheley presents BBC News at Ten reporting by political correspondent Jonathan Blake, deputy political editor Vicki Young and health correspondent Lauren Moss.

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5 thoughts on “England lockdown “may last longer than 4 weeks” says government – BBC News”
  1. 3.28 did he just say wales are midway through a month lockdown. 17 days unless he’s let slip. If this materialises you know its all corrupt.

  2. So, the U.K is in bad shape too. It’s not just the U.S.A. So it must be even worse in undeveloped parts of the world. Those areas just dont have capabilities to test everyone who dies.

  3. I highly doubt cases will go down especially with schools still open. Cases were always going to rise coming into winter. I have always said quicker testing is what is needed, where at most 2 hours to get a result. I predict a lot of people especially the people who no underlying health issue would want to take a vaccine. With a risk been at like 1% chance of dying if infected why would anyone want to take a vaccine?

  4. Millions of forms of entertainment in this generation and people still care more about the economy. This prominence of self interest during a deadly plague really highlights the fundamental reason why this planet won’t last another 40 years, in my opinion.

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