Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

A vineyard in the west of England has created the first UK take on Beaujolais Nouveau thanks to increasing summer temperatures.


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3 thoughts on “English winemakers take on the French with their very own ‘Nouveau’”
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    At all events watch yer liver! The wine sector with all its stuff and nonsense about how it’s a natural food – the grapes y’know, kills all the germs! has like the baccy industry, a mighty lot to answer for!

    Ye gods when watching the old and excellent black and white films of yesteryear the only wretched negative point is to watch all those wonderful film stars so much appreciated, chain-smoking and for pleasure…..(?) … The poor sods. Bless ‘em even so…they paid the price, alas.

  3. It’s terrifying that climate change has this much of an impact already. Also terrifying that someone actually thinks it will be beneficial and not ultimately terrible for all of humanity.

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