Mon. Jun 21st, 2021

Ethiopia’s prime minister has said that his army is advancing on the capital of the northern region of Tigray where soldiers from the region are fighting the central government.

The government accused Tigray’s forces of destroying bridges near the city of Mekelle to halt the advance.

Hundreds of people have reportedly died in nearly two weeks of clashes.

Verifying information from Tigray is hard due to a blackout on most communications.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed suggested on Tuesday that the fighting was coming to an end, saying “the final critical act of law enforcement will be done in the coming days.”

The conflict is rooted in long-standing tension between powerful Tigrayan party the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopia’s central government.

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5 thoughts on “Ethiopia Tigray crisis: Government forces ‘march on capital’ – BBC News”
  1. PM Abiye Ahmed came to power to ensure the sustainable peace, security and developments of all 115 million Ethiopians rather than to win a Nobel prize or develop his own personal reputation in the eyes of others.

    For the last three years he has taken all the necessary steps to secure peace with the TPLF junta and other terrorist groups in Ethiopia.

    However these groups have tried to assassinate him 3 times. They defied the constitution and the central government’s rules and laws.
    They mercilessly attacked and destroyed the Ethiopian Defence forces and took all the sophisticated weapons from the army stores.
    They then declared a non fly zone and threaten to hit all the major cities of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    Finally Abiye had no choice but to take, the one and only one path that leads to peace.

    TPLF, who controlled all the main economic sectors of Ethiopia is famous for corrupting and lobbing some weak ‘journalists’, researchers and politicians.

    I believe that history will judge Abiye Ahmed favourably and people will appreciate his value system even more.

  2. BBC you have to report the death of 524 unarmed civilians killed in the city called Mikadra by TPLF killer squad called “samri” before the federal government control the city.

  3. I have no respect towards the Ethiopian PM, he’s siding with enemy country Eritrea in killing his own people. He should be immediately sacked.

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