Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

“Our priorities in Europe have to be the same in the agenda with Africa: equality, rule of law and democracy,” said MEP Iratxe Garcia.


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5 thoughts on “EU’s priorities in Africa should be rule of law, equality and democracy, says MEP”
  1. Africa should be aware that foreign investors expect to take out more than they put in. The EU will impose their idea of the rule of law, eventually with military force, as the french want to do. It might worthwhile if the EU intends to protect Africa’s environment and wildlife, but global business interests will be willing to sacrifice both for a profit.

    1. @Piotr Misiuna I understand the problem, but who decided it was the EU’s function to interfere? How is it going to avoid appearing as a colonial power? How are we to be sure of EU altruistic motives? Who provided the weapons for the Africans?
      It could be argued that the Americans had similar motives in stopping the taleban in Afghanistan.

    2. All things aside, in many parts of Africa tribal conflicts brought demons on the streets, ready to rip into pieces anyone including children, beyond any control. How could you stop it without military intervention? the world should wait until the end of Holocaust?

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