Mon. May 17th, 2021

ABC News contributors Rahm Emanuel, Sarah Fagen, Chris Christie and Yvette Simpson discuss President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s performance. Does it change any voters’ minds?



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5 thoughts on “Experts break down 2020’s first presidential debate | Nightline”
  1. Trumps a fighter that’s why they hate him so much. Biden’s not used to someone standing up to his lies. Trump fights for America, Biden had 47 years to fight for America, all he did was get his son a lot of money from foreign countries.

  2. It’s just pawatics Mirdle ! Just pawatics! Oh, I got it: I’m responsible for Covid 19 Biden, not Trump! Pawatics! Mirdle, just Pawatics. Now if any one of these two people keeps taxes low, unemployment low, a check on inflation, by God, then we’re close to Nirvana! Right Mirdle?

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