Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021


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7 thoughts on “Four dead, dozens missing as France launches rescue mission after floods”
  1. I miei migliori auguri alle persone che sono state colpite! // Mes meilleurs voeux aux personnes qui ont été touchées! // My best wishes to the people who have been affected! 🇺🇸

    1. @Franco Marco Thank you for your comment! Where (which province) in Italy are your from? The affected region is in Liguria, right? All things considered, Italy is my *favorite* country in western Europe — culture, food, and people. I have visited your beautiful country several times, lived in Tuscany one summer, and learned the language. I hope to visit Italy again when the pandemic is finally over. It is unfair to stereotype; some Americans are multilingual 😊. Check out the playlists on my YouTube channel!

    2. @Alan von Au***** dude I’m from italy, from the south tho, we didn’t had this problems, I’m just surprised to see an American who speaks Italian

    3. @Franco Marco Yes, I am from America, and I *know* the languages. Your questions are irrelevant. It is all about the victims, and not about me.

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